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GFL Celebrating Heroes & Their Stories

By June 30, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments
Many GFL supporters feel a deep connection to our mission – easing suffering…

GFL Celebrating Heroes & Their Stories

Inspiring Stories From GFL Heroes

Many GFL supporters feel a deep connection to our mission – easing suffering, saving lives, and creating sustainable futures for children. Whether it’s a personal experience in hospitals, a commitment to mentorship and youth empowerment, or a shared belief in the power of gaming, GFL supporters take action to help kids for life. We are inspired by heroes like these who make up the Games For Love community.

Inspiring Stories From GFL Heroes

John T.

GFL Supporter

John’s interest in Games For Love was sparked by his childhood visit to the hospital following a soccer injury. Reflecting on the experience, John remembers,


‘I was very scared, the whole time thinking, “I wish I could play video games right now just to get this off my mind”. Your charity is a perfect solution to an immense level of stress that children go through while they’re in hospitals, and I empathize with it immensely.

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to provide help.’

Jon Wolheim

GFL Advisory Board Member

GFL is delighted to announce the appointment of Jon Wolheim to its advisory board! Of his appointment, Jon says,


“Meaning and purpose; the two things we seek in all parts of life. In my case it’s often volunteering that provides one or both, and today I’m BEYOND excited to share a new chapter in my volunteering journey.

I’ve joined Games For Love, the gaming non-profit that is providing access to gaming for millions of hospitalized children around the world, alleviating pain, creating positive distraction, and saving lives!”

Inspiring Stories From GFL Heroes

Wolheim is widely recognized as The Geek Work Guru, and brings a wealth of expertise at the intersection of human brilliance, Generative AI, and community connectivity, making him an invaluable addition to our charity’s leadership. Tap the video to check out Jon’s GFL fundraising campaign!

Inspiring Stories From GFL Heroes

Fernando B.

GFL Supporter

Games For Love supporter Fernando says,


“Gaming can make a difference in difficult situations. During my childhood and adolescence, I had several surgeries and I remember playing with my Game Boy color or Nintendo 3ds helped me to focus my brain in other aspects. Games For Love brings those experiences to children.”

Matt Bell

GFL Celebrity Ambassador

Games For Love is delighted to announce a new partnership with professional disc golf athlete Matt Bell. This collaboration aims to harness the passion for disc golf to inspire and empower children facing adversity. Of his new role as a GFL ambassador, Matt says,


“I’m a gamer and I know that a great video game can take your mind off your troubles. Games for Love has 6 programs that help kids for life!

I’m proud to be their first celebrity ambassador, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting this amazing organization.”

Inspiring Stories From GFL Heroes

As a celebrity in the disc golf community, Matt Bell brings his expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication to the partnership with Games For Love.

Tap the video to hear Matt introduce his partnership with GFL!

Inspiring Stories From GFL Heroes

Joshua L. 

GFL SubForLove Supporter

GFL supporter Joshua decided to support Games For Love as he reflected on his brother’s time in the hospital as a child. He tells us,


“My brother spent a significant amount of his childhood in the [hospital], and I know if this kind of initiative was around at that time (30 years ago now), it would have really helped.”

Nathan Blair

GFL Founder & CEO

Nathan Blair, GFL’s fearless founder, decided to start the organization after his son’s hospital experience. He says,


“My son was going through medical treatments at the hospital due to a rare genetic anomaly, which took a toll on our family. Hospitals can be a pretty scary place, even for adults, but it’s worse for kids, and that’s where distraction therapy comes in.

Games For Love aims to bring a message of hope that there’s life beyond the four walls of a hospital. We just want kids to have some hope and help them to heal.”

Inspiring Stories From GFL Heroes

Inspired by these stories? Consider a donation to Games For Love, where every dollar can Help Kids For Life.And of course, share your GFL supporter story with us @gamesforloveorg on social media.

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