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Intern Spotlight: Featuring Ben Hall

By May 10, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Ben Hall. I’m a Freelance 3D Animator from Syracuse, New York. I graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Animation. I specialize in the 3D software programs Maya and Blender. When I was playing Kingdom Hearts II, I was impressed that a video-game could also have a narrative and I knew I wanted to be a part of something like that, so I become an animator. I love animated movies, TV shows and video-games of course.


What is your philosophy towards your work?

I always strive to do the highest quality work in everything I do because I believe that nothing is worth doing unless you give it your full attention.  I’m very conscious of deadlines and will put in the extra effort to get things done on time. I also believe it is very important to have open lines of communications with whomever you’re working with to ensure everyone is on the same page. I’ve been told I have an incredible level of perseverance because I am able to overcome every obstacle thrown in my way. I think this quality is very important in the animation field because you constantly need to problem solve and come up with creative solutions to address the inevitable issues you will face in any project.

What makes you unique?

I think my ability to help tell the story through my animation is my most unique quality. From the way a character moves, you can tell a lot about who they are and where they came from. And through the characters, we experience the story, so it’s important to get right.

What is your favorite video-game and why?

My favorite video game is Undertale. It was surprising to me that I found it enjoyable because on the surface level it doesn’t appear to be anything all that special. However, it’s the execution of the story that’s full of plot elements that defy RPG genre conventions as well as memorable characters, writing, and music that make this a masterpiece.


Where do you see yourself in three years?

I hope that I will be on a team of animators working on a project for a major studio like Disney or Pixar. It’s always been my dream to work on story-driven films. However, I could also see myself working on a project for television or video games.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about yourself?

I am also working on perfecting my skills in 2D animation including character design and drawing.

I would like to thank Games For Love Director Nathan Blair for this opportunity to work with everyone at Games For Love and making it a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to work with you more in the future!

Connect with Ben:

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