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Intern Spotlight: Feat. Adam Weesner

By May 7, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments

Tell us about yourself.

Something about myself? Well then. Come hither and listen close, for I tell ye a tale most arcane! … Honestly speaking, though, I consider myself to be a wandering traveler on this beautiful earth. I rather enjoy seeking and creating art that moves me in such a way that it leaves a profound mark on my soul. Programming, I guess, is a way to express that, oddly enough. Constructing systems and architectures that must work together as effectively as possible is a task I find most gratifying. Yes, it is difficult sometimes, especially times when trying to work out a nasty bug that just won’t scurry away. But at the end of all things, when I finally take that step to look back on what I’ve built with my teammates… that is what I live for.

Teach us something we don’t know in three sentences.

1: Our only boundaries are those we create for ourselves.

2: Never say no to an opportunity that you know in your heart will improve your life.

3: Prioritize helping others first, because it’s amazing what a change in mindset can do for a person’s attitude.


What is your favorite video-game and why?

My favorite game is undoubtedly Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. For those who know the game, this may seem a peculiar selection. Tucked away in the corners of the online multiplayer lied a mod for the game. This mod, named “Makermod”, birthed my glowing desire to become a programmer. In this mod, you could work with others to build any type of structure you could imagine, given the restraints of only being able to use spawnable objects stashed in the game. I spent my childhood years building, role-playing, joining clans, creating clans, and became a part of the community.

Why did you volunteer at Games For Love?

During my visit to a video game conference known as GameDaily Connect, I met and quickly connected with Justin Chin. Shortly thereafter, he offered me the opportunity to volunteer for an up and coming charity organization aimed at helping kids in hospitals by developing games. Because I had previously committed myself to taking up any opportunity that crossed my path, I accepted, rolled up my sleeves, and started working.


What is your philosophy towards your work?

I enjoy, most of all, sharing my knowledge with other volunteers and helping them succeed in their goals. If I start first by helping others, then they can help me in my endeavors. Regarding my own work, I tend to focus on building structures rather than delivering straight functionality. This allows for readability so that other developers can easily understand and add onto my work. Whenever I encounter an issue, I use this same structured approach to problem solving. This prevents raised emotions or unnecessary work.

Where do you see yourself in three years?

In three years, I will lead a professional programming team in an industry position. Whether that be AAA or an indie studio, I would feel most content making significant contributions towards a project that I love and am proud of.

If you’ve read up to this far, I feel obliged to offer my appreciation. Thanks!

Connect with Adam:

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