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Interns International

Updates on Interns International Programs

By July 18, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments

Interns International Update

Interns International Summer Seasons are officially underway with Games For Love’s brand new revamped program that is geared for more impact than ever.

Denisha our new Program Coordinator, and Duygu our new Assistant Program Coordinator, celebrated the release of the program this month with almost 30 interns. The new program is highlighted on its new webpage with an application to the next season currently open:

GDC’s return comes at the perfect time. Informatech is sponsoring this year’s ENTIRE intern class for every intern volunteering at Games For Love with tickets to attend GDC! We couldn’t be more overjoyed to participate and be a part of the incredible return.

GDC and Informatech have been very generous and supportive of our programs, and our Summer Interns will be largely on the Career Development Track to propel their industry recognition and platforms forward. Games For Love is fully behind our interns at GDC and will be there in person next year so we can’t wait to see you there in person for the next GDC.