Welcome to The League of Pros charity streaming family! On this page, we’ll give you the instructions you need to run your own charity stream. Before you get started, sign up here, and our Influencer Support Specialist from our Team will provide help and help make it the best it can be!

Games for Love is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to easing suffering, saving lives, and creating sustainable futures for children.

Streamers who host charity streams for Games for Love are able to provide aid directly to the cause by directing the money raised to our various programs.

The money raised will impact our programs like #GFLX and Kids of Code by allowing us the funding we need to make an impact through our on the ground efforts. Every donation allows us the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life.

Steps for charity streaming:

  • Actively stream on a platform (Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, etc.), with a good knowledge of your streaming software
  • Contact us about your event.
  • Advertise your event to your followers.
  • Technical Setup
  • Stream

“Tips for Charity Streams”: https://www.reddit.com/r/Twitch/comments/4okte4/tips_for_charity_streams/

Should look something like this if you did it right:

A few ways you can champion our cause during your charity stream:

  1. Acknowledge every donation given, every cent makes a difference
  2. Mention why you have chosen Games For Love and how you align with our cause.
    • We have some talking points available below.
  3. Increase impact by encouraging your followers to share your charity stream.
  4. Have fun!

Thank you for helping us with our cause. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Some great talking points to further educate your viewers on our cause and efforts:

  • $4.13 helps one child in our programs
  • We are on a mission to help more than 10 million children in 5 years
  • COVID-19 has made isolation and Depression even worse with only 1 parent being able to visit and no other friends or family
  • making the need for distraction therapy even greater need than ever before.
  • We can all agree that video games are an amazing distraction for some tough things we face in life, imagine the impact is even greater for children we help in hospitals.
  • You can visit the Games for Love website by visiting www.GamesforLove.org.
  • Games for Love is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity so all donations can be written off on your taxes.
  • Subscribing to Games for Love’s Twitch page or socials is a low-cost way of giving monthly while getting some great emotes for the donation.
  • If you cannot make a donation, please consider spreading our message and cause.
  • Games for Love eases the suffering of children in the US and the Philippines. 
  • Games for Love bridges the gap with their 1UP Life Bridge program so children get the help they need by covering their expenses for treatments, tests, and recovery.
  • Games for Love uses every donation received to help ease the suffering of children and save lives.
  • Games for Love also accepts in-kind donations of games and game-related items if new or in good condition.
  • You can donate any time by going to www.gamesforlove.org and clicking on “Get Involved.”