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Join the GFL League of Pros as a developer, creator, or mentor.

League Of Pros

Games For Love’s League of Pros is our driven tribe of professionals from tech, STEAM, and entertainment industries who donate their time, services, and kindness to help change the lives of sick children all over the world.

League Of Pros
League Of Pros

League Of Pros: Esport Solos&Teams

The League Of Pros: Esports is an esports league hosted by Games For Love in partnership with Drop-In Gaming platform (DIG), to create a pro-esports league of non-pro gamers within AAA organizations.

League Of Pros: Leadership

Have you ever thought of making a difference in children’s lives by having fun and playing games and meeting people? Are you ready to transform your everyday working activities  into an  exciting adventure? Are you ready to become a Hero of a kid’s life? To share your professionalism in spreading positive energy around many important companies around the world? If so, become one of us.

League Of Pros
League Of Pros

League Of Pros: Cause Jam

Dear Gamer and Game Creator. Your knowledge helps many kids around the world to learn important skills and abilities to create  amazing games. It empowers players with important knowledge and skills that can help them respond effectively in real-life saving lives of so many kids.

League Of Pros: ProSphere

Become a part of monthly event designed to provide individuals with a space for a self-reflection and community gathering. The event also encourages a sense of community and togetherness, as attendees come together to capture moments of joy and connection through a group selfie.

League Of Pros
League Of Pros

League Of Pros: Custom Inclusion Groups

Games for Love encourages the visibility of a female as a role model in the tech industry. It can be challenging  for young women to envision themselves succeeding in tech careers. Efforts to highlighting successful women in tech can help inspire and motivate others.

League Of Pros: House of Hearts

Games for Love acknowledges and appreciates the efforts, achievements, and contributions of individuals or groups. It promotes a sense of accomplishment. Rewards and Recognition are promoted to individuals who donate time, professionally and involvement at the organisation for saving kids lives.

League Of Pros
League Of Pros

League Of Pros: Mentoring

In Mentorship Track, League Of Pros members are mentoring mentees in our Interns International Program, Teaching in our Kids Of STEAM Program, or available as a resource to help local children’s hospitals and child life teams on best practices and troubleshooting for ensuring success of our GFLX program.

League Of Pros: Career Incubator

Becoming a part of Games for Love  family supports you building a professional network  which helps you through career development. Being in a direct contact with gaming industry, coding or STEAM professionals  is crucial for career development. Our networking channels can open doors to potential job opportunities and provide valuable insights. Our reference will be a key to your success.

League Of Pros

League of Pros in Numbers

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Join professionals from respected organizations, including:

League Of Pros
League Of Pros
League Of Pros
League Of Pros
League Of Pros
League Of Pros

What's In It For Me?

We know that giving is fun, but so is receiving.

Unite your passion foe gaming with your desire to make a difference

Evidence shows that philanthropic activities can improve mental health and increase overall life satisfaction.

Engage in healthy competition with colleagues and industry peers.

Studies indicate that friendly rivalry not only sharpens your skills but also boosts job satisfaction and engagement

Make your gaming hours count towards your company's volunteer programs.

Research from Deloitte suggests that companies with strong volunteering programs have higher employee morale.

Create lasting impact through your favourite hobby.

It’s proven that hobbies that positively impact others can increase  personal fulfilment and reduce stress levels.

Cultivate team-building and camaraderie within your organisation.

A meta-analyses published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that team-building activities can significantly improve team performance.

Earn recognition and awards for young gaming skills.

According to LinkedIn survey, 41% of hiring managers consider volunteer work equivalent to full-time work experience, thus enhancing your personal brand and career prospects.

Ways to give and receive as an industry professional:

Step 1

Sign Up!

Step 2

Follow our Quick Start Guide.

Step 3

Play for the kids!

Step 4

Log your hours.

Step 5

Your employer cuts a check to GFL.

Step 6

GFL uses funds raised to fuel impact!

Step 7

Get impact updates in real time.

Step 8

Refer your friends and collogues to join!


How do I sign up for the League of Pros: Esports?

A: If your company has a volunteer grant or dollars for doers program, sign up here: Link

How do I know if my company has a volunteer grant or dollars for doers program?

A: Reach out to your company’s HR or CSR team and express your interest. If your company offers a volunteer grant, you are eligible to participate.

Can I choose which game I want to play?

A: during beta, the league will be an assortment of games played week to week to show off your raw and amazing gaming talents

How are my gaming hours counted towards volunteer grants?

A: We provide tools and resources to help teams track their time and submit their volunteer hours seamlessly. You also share your hours with your employer, often HR can get you the correct link to log your hours to make an impact.

How is the money raised distributed?

A: All proceeds from the league go directly to the Games For Love charity. The funds are used to enrich the lives of children around the world.

Can I participate in both the Esport Solos and Esport Teams?

A: Yes, professionals can participate in both leagues, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

I don't have a team yet, can I play on Solos?

A: Yes, professionals can participate in solos, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

I have a group from my company that want to participate, we want to partner, can we?

A: Absolutely! We can work with your partnerships team or CSR team to establish a path for you and your colleagues to participate

Do I have to be good at the games?

A: If you want to win, yes! Just know – even when you don’t win, kids in hospitals do – so your effort playing and having fun helped kids play and have fun too!

Can we donate games made by us to be played in the League?

A: Yes, if it is considered a AAA title, or offers competitive and entertaining matches. Games are best for accessibility when free-to-play, but we can offer codes to players to play for free if you provide them.

Do I have to stream while playing?

A: It’s not a hard requirement, but it does spread awareness and sometimes fundraising from the love of the gaming community when you do! We recommend it.

I am a pro Esports player that also works at a company that provides volunteer grants, can I participate?

A: As long as you are employed 20 hours per week+, are eligible to participate, you can participate.

My company does not have a volunteer grant, but would like to sponsor, can I join then?

A: Let’s chat. Email us at: Link (Guillaume for partnerships)

My company does not have a volunteer grant, but I would like to donate the an amount directly so I can participate, is that possible?

A: Let’s chat. Email us at: Link (Mauren for major donors)

League Of Pros


10 million children in 5 years

  • 9 Countires
  • 6 Programs
  • 165,000 Hours Volunteered
  • 850+ Active Volunteers
  • Founding Year 2018

About Games For Love

League Of Pros

We help kids for life. get well. heal through play. learn to code. get degrees. get jobs. give back.

Our six core programs, which we call our Program Ecosystem™, work in tandem to meet the needs of kids as they grow and provide an ever-present community of support.

Pro Stories

Matt Colon

Pro Spotlight

Why did you decide to join Games For Love?

In 2019, I had been working on a personal The Legend of Zelda fan game project that had become more of a vertical slice prototype of a type of game I’d like to make.  However, my vision for it was beyond the scope of the time I would like to commit to it and with it being a fan game using assets from another IP it meant I definitely could not market it.  This left me wondering what my next steps should be.

I met Nathan Blair at the Christian Game Developers Conference a few years back and kept in touch over the years.  Recently, he reached out to me about this opportunity to be a part of Channel Surfing+, which happened to come around this turning point in my previous project.  After we discussed the volunteering details and I saw the opportunity to continue developing 2D games as part of this project, it made sense to bring all the workflows and technologies I learned working on that vertical slice towards bringing new games to life in the VR arcade channel.  That way I could continue to hone my craft while also gleaning knowledge and experience working in a team with people from various disciplines and levels of experience.

Share your experiences volunteering with Games For Love.

It’s been a pleasure working with a small team on a VR arcade channel for the upcoming Channel Surfing+ game where each of us have our own strengths to bring.  I have a background in 2D game development, so I thought at first I would be of little help for a VR game in 3D space, but the VR arcade was a perfect fit where I could create new 2D games for the arcade machines that the player can engage with using VR controls.  It’s encouraging to watch the progress being made on all fronts in this channel and in the full team as well, and it gives me good motivation to bring some new things to show off for each team meeting.

League Of Pros