How it works.

Pledge your birthday

The first step is simple – just pledge your birthday by using the form above, and share your pledge to let the world know you’re serious

Start a campaign

When your birthday is near, we’ll remind you to start a fundraising page and ask your friends to donate to help kids for your big day.

Help kids in need

We’ll use all of the money you raise to fuel impact to help kids. When complete, you’ll see the all the ways you helped with photos.

Birthday facts.


birthdays are celebrated around the world every day.


average amount raised by a person’s birthday campaign.


kids are impacted as a result of an average birthday campaign.


is our target for kids impacted through birthdays.

Why help kids?

The health crisis.

Since the onset of the pandemic surge planning, children’s hospitals have experienced revenue losses of up to 50% and cost increases of 10% or more.

About our work.

Since Games For Love started in 2018, we have funded programs and impacted children’s lives directly. Join us. Pledge your birthday.

Pledge your birthday for the kids.