Games For Love’s #GFLX program provides distraction therapy to children in hospitals all over the world. One of our most common requests is that of a game trolly to assist with a mobile solution to assist child life and healthcare teams quickly and easily and securely move gaming and technology to and from patients as quickly as possible.

As such we have created a design that we believe adheres to best practices with the strictest hospital standards of usefulness, and sanitation and will provide a solid unit for years and years to come in the future. We are not done vetting the design either! This is currently Version 3.2, and what you see today is what we believe will give you something that can help impact as many children as possible at your facilities.

We want your feedback!

Below you will find our designs so far, along with the careful considerations we have made to make a fun, engaging, and useful tool to deliver distraction therapy. From there, we have created a form, also below, to fill out to share your feedback with us.

Feedback deadline to participate is no later than June 18th.

The Trolly Design

Starting with the most important elements first:

– Made/assembled in USA (if possible)
– Single Box for all parts
– No tools required, snap into place
– Adjustable Heights
– Easy to disassemble for transport and storage
– Hospital Grade materials such as surgical steel
– Use with any console, PC, or VR set up with ease

There will be a locking box that you place all technology, consoles, equipment, or accessories in. There will be plenty of room for storage as the bottom of the locking box is expandable to your desired box size for height.

On the sides, front, and back are easy to clear vent holes to keep the technology inside the box as cool as possible to not overheat to give longevity to the equipment inside.

The height for the base is adjustable by a hydraulic level that you are likely familiar with for computer chairs for easy up and down adjustment by about 12 inches, or 1 foot. This allows for easier storage for the staff at your facility and great patient comfort for where their eye level will be.

The Vesa mount for the monitor or TV allows staff to install, support, or exchange, screens for ease of use as the vesa is able to come off and then placed back on for the desired screen location.

The handle around the lock box adds premium support for mobility by patients and staff that need to move the trolly around a room, or cross facilities.

The box is expandable to add additional height as needed.

On the front there are slots for venting as well as wires to come out if controllers with cords are preferred over wireless ones.

For facilities that do not allow internet connections, a slot can be added to allow access to the console to change games at will. That said, the entire industry is moving to a digital game model and this is preferred by most hospitals to keep loss or theft at bay and so games are downloaded directly onto the console, or PC inside the lockbox without having to worry about content management.

Here is a look at the back of the Game Trolly to see a well-centered design to focus on stability, safety, and longevity. You can see the air vent holes that are easily cleanable from the back.

Also you get to see the design of the Game Trolly as it will most often be viewed from outside a room in your facility. It is sleek, interesting, and uncomplicated to know what it is.

You to see how few parts consist of the total unit. It consists of only 4 main pieces;

1. The Mount
2. Locking box
3. Adjustable stand
4. Wheel Locking base

This is the side view of an assembled Game Trolly to see the design for simplicity. Highlighted are the twist lock mechanism for the vesa adjustment to allow easy access to the tv or monitor.

The lever allows for ease of use to put the screen up and down according to the desired heights of both staff and patients at will, within seconds.

Lastly, the wheel assembly Id flowing casting, and easy foot locking and unlocking mechanisms for ease of use.

Here is an overhead look of the Game Trolly with a smaller screen to see that you may choose the size of the screen you wish to support all the way up to 50 inches!

On the top of the cart will be where Games For Love places an adhesive sheet to talk about Games For Love, where to find us online, who sponsored the cart donation to your facilities, and access to our program Kids Of Code to allow children free coding classes for during and after their hospital stays if they should so choose to want to have access to it.

This gives you a look at the overhead view to the wheelbase to see how sturdy and centered the design is. The wheelbase shape is unique and custom to Games For Love’s Game Trollys and allows advanced premium mobility, with an all-inclusive design.