Projects Track

In Projects Track, League Of Pros members are working alongside other professionals and Interns International members to create, and release projects. Any revenues that are earned go right back into the charity to fuel impact to help as many children as possible.

We always ask; “When was the last time you were able to donate $16,000 to charity?” Most of the time the answer is “never, but I’d like to.” Through volunteering with Games For Love, and volunteering with your time and skills it could be possible. What is the $16,000 number based on? Average game earnings from a project released on Steam. Sources: [Link 1] [Link 2]

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How we place volunteers on projects is based on something we call the “3-facet system.” It’s designed to keep placing volunteers simple, and efficient. The 3 facets are:

1. Experience
2. Passion
3. Where are you going.

If we can answer these 3 simple questions for the project, we know that you will be able to volunteer and contribute meaningfully. We want your volunteer experience to be a great one. Volunteering in Games For Love’s League Of Pros Program only requires a few hours a week to work on projects.

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We have developed our own project management methodology for technical nonprofits that we call “Tortoise.” We understand creating any technical project is difficult, and through pioneering skill-based volunteering for over three years, we have been able to see what works and what doesn’t for an engaging and fruitful volunteer experience. It includes things like; 100% remote volunteering, flexible volunteering hours based on when you are available, On-demand project management tools to access when you need them, and a suite of communication tools to keep teams up to date.

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— Recognition Programs and Awards
— Volunteer Programs with your Corporate employer
— Corporate Donation matching software
— 100% remote-based volunteering
— Become a member of a world-class community
— Gain new skills
— Work on teams alongside other professionals and interns
— Using industry-standard tools
— Ship Projects on iOS, Google, Steam, Console, VR, and more
— Opportunities to improve your portfolio and interview stories
— Networking opportunities
— Team Leadership and Coaching
— Use your skills to make a difference
— See your impact in the lives of kids