Interns International Program

Interns International Program is a big part of Games For Love’s mission to provide sustainability through our Program Ecosystem Approach.

The Interns International Program matches students, aspiring engineers, and those on our previous programs with active development groups and mentors in the League of Pros to gain real industry experience and kick-start their careers. This annual program focuses on practical experience to bridge the gaps between education and full-time careers in Tech, Gaming, and STEM with the intent of gaining sustainability.

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Program Impact


Total Members of the Interns International Program So Far


Reported gaining full-time employment after internship


Projects representing more than 18,000 hours volunteered

Program Highlights

Wondering if the Interns International Program is right for you?

If you are not currently in a full-time career in Gaming, Technology, or STEM — The Interns International program is carefully crafted by industry veterans to give you the best shot to get into the industry, and prove you belong in this career field through practical application. 

Membership details

— 100% Remote-based Internship
— F-1 Visa Programs available (OPT & CPT)
— Exclusive Program-only events
— Member of a world-class community
— Resume & Portfolio Review
— Internship Certificate
— Program Commencement

What We Offer

— Real-World Experience within Teams
— Mentorship from Industry Professionals
— Experience with industry-standard tools
— Ship Projects on iOS, Google, Steam, Console, VR
— Opportunities to improve your portfolio
— Interview stories
— Networking opportunities

Earned Opportunities Through Excellence

— Letter of recommendation
— Linkedin recommendations
— Volunteer Recognition
— Access to our Annual Award Program
— Team Leadership and Coaching
— One on One Mentoring in your field
— Introductions to Industry-Leading Organizations

Internship – Apply to Join

— Simple to Follow process
— Apply for access to the program
— Be accepted into the program
— Use your skills to make a difference
— See your impact in the lives of kids
— Be given a shot to prove yourself
— Looks Great on your Resume

Apply Now

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Quotes From Past Interns

Without the Interns International program, I would not be where I am today working in my dream field. I had a hard time after college finding a job, and in after only 6 months of the Interns International Program, I was hired at Microsoft.

Eve C.Without the Interns International program, I wouldnt be where I am today

I went from Intern to League Of Pros member in less than a year. After graduating Full Sail University with a Game Design Degree I couldn't find work for months after graduation. I dedicated myself fully to the program to learn and receive mentorship and within a few short months I am now a Producer at Gamevil, and even giving talks at GDC based on my work with Games For Love. This Program Changed my life!

Justin C.

My mentors helped me fix some issues on my resume, and because of that, I was able to be selected for an Interview with IGG. Once my foot was in the door, that was all I needed to have a life is better because of Games for Love because of the support from team members and made many new friends.

Wing COnce my foot was in the door, that was all I needed to have a chance

I'm grateful for all the work I get to do with the organization. It's been an awesome way to grow personally and professionally, but even more fulfilling is it gives me an opportunity to help others. And of course, when networking or doing interviews, it's a great experience to bring up.

Jack G.I'm grateful for all the work I get to do with the organization

When I joined, I had little to no experience in the field working on a team, so the chance to gain that was really valuable for me. That experience helped me to land a job at a fortune 500 company.

Amanda S.That experience helped me to land a job at a fortune 500 company

Working on a game together with the GFL taught me something I would not dare to aim for in the past. I could develop games to influence people to better themselves, or I could explore more career options as a software developer and work with developers to create software that can assist people in their daily life like water purification, AI machine, quantum computation, its daring for me to imagine but my goal is to help people with my development, like how GFL want to help children in hospital.

Alex C.GFL taught me something I would not dare to aim for in the past

Being a woman in games is challenging and the gaming industry has a catch 22 in that you need the experience to get in, even out of University. The Games For Love Internship program, gives the perfect middle ground needed to take control of your career. They have thoughtful mentors, a well-thought-out program, and exciting projects. This was everything I needed to show I could do this.

Katie N.This was everything I needed to show I could do this.