#GFLX plays a big part in the charity’s mission to ease the suffering of children.

#GFLX, short for Games for Love Experience, is a program within Games for Love that plays a big part in the charity’s mission to ease the suffering of children. We do this by partnering and delivering distraction therapy to as many children’s hospitals and children-focused health facilities as we can nationally.

Are you a child-focused healthcare facility that wants #GFLX?

#GFLX Program Impact

GFLX Program

#GFLX Program

#GFLX stands for Games For Love Experience. #GFLX partners with Children’s Hospitals and other child-well-being facilities to create a custom solution for all things distraction therapy.

We host a kick-off event at the hospital to play games with kids, bringing joy, gifts, and catered meals for the staff. We tour a facility and consult for best practices. After the event, we bring back a plan for all that hospital’s distraction therapy needs.



Is a part of the GFLX program developed for remote operations in response to the pandemic. Children are more isolated than ever with most Children’s Hospitals only able to facilitate one parent at a time.

GFLX:DROPS allows Games For Love to meet remotely with hospital staff and child-life specialists to assess their facilities needs. We then develop a plan to deliver those needs in distraction therapy in a drop that in person if possible, or delivered and dropped to their facility.


1. Contact

Games For Love partners with hospitals and facilities that treat children nationally, and now internationally by providing distraction therapy support. These facilities will reach out to us with interest to receive support at their facilities, we schedule a time to meet virtually, and then have a simple discovery call to see if #GFLX is the right partner for them.

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2. Consult & Listen

Once partnered, we have a consultation to find out their needs and wants for the facility. #GFLX is designed to provide blanket coverage for whatever the hospital needs, and by listening, we uncover those needs. Our goal is always to support as many children at their facilities as we can.

3. Impact

The types of things Games For Love can provide through our #GFLX program includes options such as:

  • Gaming Equipment
  • Games, Controllers, Accessories
  • Technology such as PC’s, VR, or Tablets
  • Coding Robots, or other tech for learning
  • Gaming Carts, and other portable distraction therapy
  • Kids & Teen spaces, Gaming Rooms
  • Custom development support
  • Best Practices Guide
  • Practical consultations
  • Hospital Gaming Events
  • And More!

4. Support

We form these partnerships with long-term support in mind. We look to provide support through the children at their facilities with distraction therapy needs 5 and 10 years in the future. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of our partnership over time to help as many children as possible.


Games For Love puts on the best gaming events we have ever had

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