We build bridges of


for children living in

Developing Countries



1UP LifeBridge plays a big part in the charity’s mission to save lives of children.

Every child should have a right to medical care no matter their background. 1up LifeBRIDGE is our international program committed to supporting sick children in hospitals and healthcare facilities in developing countries.


We assist families in developing countries by offering practical support for emergency and life-saving needs while they are admitted. After they are discharged if follow-up care is needed, we focus on short-to-long-term needs for family preservation, family strengthening, protection & recovery. We help provide finances for life-saving treatments, medications, and medical supplies, as well as counseling, debriefing, emotional support, and care to indigent children who are confined on a case-by-case basis. We aim to help families stay together through their crises.

Are you a child-focused facility in a developing country that wants 1UP LifeBridge?

1UP LifeBridge Program Impact

Stories From The Field

Emergency Services

Life-Saving, and Life-Prolonging care

You may be familiar with how 3rd world countries hospital systems work, but without cash up front, in hand, children are turned away from potentially life-saving treatments. This leaves them vulnerable to pass of totally unnecessary and treatable causes. We are bridging the gap for children without means to get the help they need, and save lives in the process.

Short-Term Care

Family preservation, Protection, and Recovery

Focusing on family preservation to keep kids with their families, we offer assistance for short-term medications, treatments, and nutrition in a case-by-case basis. Our Social workers, and program staff determine assistance alongside doctors and nurses to create a custom plan for each child based on their needs for short-term care. It cant be understated how simple needs being met can keep a child from abandonment and with their families through fantastic gatekeeping.

Long-Term Care

For orphaned and vulnerable children

We focus on empowering children and their families through limited long-term care for life-prolonging, life-improving, and life-enriching treatments, medications, technology, and care on a case-by-case basis. Once short-term care resources have reached their limit, Our social workers and program team members work alongside medical staff, and the children’s families to provide long-term care on approval to bring assistance to children.

1. Rules of Engagement

As we are referred organizations in developing countries the main things we look for in engagement in a new country with a new organization to start is no form of credit, little to no insurance, very limited state/gov resources. We then look at the country at a whole, if it is in an Autocratic territory, must have a very strong reason to enter, like an incredible partner that has a proven track record of thriving while operating in such a territory. The Referred Partner helps children in hospitals, especially and importantly in emergency situations, and has the boots on the ground to operate efficiently in their practices. A major plus when they have secondary services that help with their emergency work.

2. Needs

When Games For Love’s 1UP LifeBridge Program enters new territories in consideration to impact. We operate according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory of motivation which states that five categories of human needs dictate an individual’s behavior. Those needs are physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs.

3. Community Involvement

We form partnerships with organizations operating in the developing countries we enter with long-term support in mind. We look to provide support through the indigent children at pediatric health and well-being facilities by listening to our partner’s needs. Before we can bring in distraction therapy to be effective, we have to make sure hospitals have the tools in place necessary to help children being served without danger of loss of life due to treatable causes.

4. Local Presence

Our partners operate as an extension of Games For Love as a local presence to deliver impact to as many children and their families as possible. Teams of Social workers, volunteers, program team members are working together and communicating daily helping children in the countries that 1UP LifeBridge supports operations in. Our teams acting as an advocate for children, creating a bridge of hope through the collaboration of many hands working together in unity for the purpose of accomplishing our mission.

We form these partnerships with long-term support in mind. We look to provide support through the children at their facilities with distraction therapy needs 5 and 10 years in the future. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of our partnership over time to help as many children as possible.