Our many Programs all go back to easing the suffering of children.

Our community is gamers of all levels from fans to professionals, and we wanted to develop a community in which anyone at any level would be able to contribute to our community and as a result, our programs strengthen the entire gaming ecosystem while also achieving its mission for children.

In terms of thought-processes, we are thinking critically to solve problems on a global scale. We are creating holistically, and many of our programs are looking not just at symptoms of a problem, but assisting in the elimination of root causes from a foundational level. 

We are looking at entire ecosystems for how we add value and create sustainability for the communities we support. All of our programs funnel back into each other over and over again to create a ripple effect that will grow with each cohort/generation.


Gamers Charity Programs

Games for Love Experience

Boots on the ground in (soon to be) over 100 hospitals, and other child welfare facilities worldwide to honor hospital staff, spend time and deliver gifts to patients, serve food & celebrate how games help children with special events. We also look for opportunities to help through providing equipment grants, educational scholarships, community sustainability for basic needs.

Gamers Charity Programs

1up Life BRIDGE

You may be familiar with how 3rd world countries hospital systems work, but without cash up front, or a significant amount of credit children are turned away from potentially life-saving treatments. This leaves them vulnerable to dying of totally unnecessary and treatable causes. We are bridging the gap for children without means to get the help they need, and save lives in the process.

Gamers Charity Programs

Kids of Code

Kids of Code is a program that links arms with Childrens Hospitals and other child well-being facilities for kids going through extended treatments, or situations and we offer coding boot camps online that allow those who have faced adversity to get no-cost education for in-demand STEM skills to look beyond the walls of their situation into their future to create hope and stability in life.

Gamers Charity Programs


Games for love awards scholarships to recipients who have been nominated by Caregivers, Universities/College Staff, or other Charities for their bravery through adversity to give hope to their future. We give for the hope to their future in 2 ways:

  1. Scholarships to University/Colleges
  2. Kids of Code 
Gamers Charity Programs

Interns Int’l

Interns International takes students and aspiring engineers as future leaders and places them with development groups and mentors in the League of Pros to gain industry experience, with possibilities to gain knowledge, acceleration, references, and letters of recommendations for a stronger industry ecosystem by giving and receiving.

Gamers Charity Programs

League of Pros

Professionals in the industry coming together to unite for the cause of giving back to the community by using their gifts and talents for good. By donating their time to make games, stream, and be a part of gaming conferences with us they get to make a big impact just like any celebrity softball or basketball player to leave a legacy of doing amazing things.