Choose between using your Shield, Spell, or Sword in this rock, paper, scissors fantasy adventure. Battle monsters like horrible green slimes, undead warriors, and a great green scaled dragon. Can you fight your way through, become a champion and save the kingdom or will you perish in an epic skirmish?


  • Creating the whole audio experience was a blast. As there are no visual elements to supplement the game, it became very important for me to really create an immersive experience. Every detail was accounted for, and you would never guess how I made the dragon growls and undead skeleton voices.


  • Made with Love. Crafted 100% by volunteers.
  • Sword and Board. For the fantasy adventure lover.
  • Recruit. Simple and easy to learn.
  • Legend Maker. Make up a custom hero name.
  • Rise to Glory. Select the difficulty settings for a more fantastic journey.
  • Bard Approved. Alexa encourages and scorns your efforts.
  • Ladder system. There are 5 opponents to defeat.
  • Artisan Audio. All custom sound effects and music.


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Selected Articles

  • This game was born from a simple mechanic and a deep love for the fantasy genre. Huzzah!
Published by Games for Love
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Shield Spell Sword Credits

Adam Lapka
Producer, Designer, Writer, Programmer
Matt Williams
Lead Programmer
Merijn F
Charlie Mar Lugtu
Anthony M
Peter Park
Sound Designer
Lydja Lapka