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Official Krunker Event Announcement

By June 17, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments

Heyimzed hosts the #ForTheKids Charity Stream to raise funds for Games For Love- with many special guest appearances and giveaways.

Official Krunker Event Announcement

Gaming influencer, Heyimzed (Zed), from Sydney,  Australia, is hosting the #ForTheKids Charity Stream on June 19th. You can tune in to the epic occasion by going to Zed and his team will be raising funds for Games For Love with many special guest appearances.

Zed plays a variety of games. His channel mainly consists of FPS (first person shooter) and RPG (role-playing game) games. Krunker is the game he plays most. This is an Official Krunker event, with skin drops and plenty of giveaways to be won. The commentary will have you laughing for days.

So, Heyimzed wants to know: “ARE YOU READY TO BUST SOME HACKERS WITH OFFICER ZED OF THE KRUNKER POLCIE DEPARTMENT? GET YOUR DEPUTY BADGE AND HEAD ON OVER AS WE BUST SOME JUICE LORDS AND TAKE THEM TO KRUNKER JAIL?” If you anwered yes, or if you are just looking to laugh and have an entertaining night, then, we will see you there!