Tell us about what you do! What is your background?

Hello everyone! It’s a pleasure to share a little bit about myself with the Games For Love community. My name is Gervasio Sapriza and I am the Hospital Outreach Manager for Games For Love. In my role, I have the privilege of building partnerships with children’s hospitals and sharing GFL’s commitment of easing suffering and creating a sustainable future for children.

When I’m not volunteering with GFL, I am a Development and Communications professional. I have spent the majority of my career in the nonprofit sector with racial and economic justice nonprofit organizations; primarily working in nonprofit fundraising, volunteer management and corporate stewardship.


How did you hear about Games For Love and what interests you in working with them?

I heard of Games For Love through a friend who, like myself, works in the nonprofit sector and shares a love for video games. She mentioned the great work being done by this “video games nonprofit” and my interest was immediately piqued. I started to do my homework on Games For Love and what I learned was beyond my expectations.

GFL isn’t simply a charitable organization. It is a community of people dedicated to easing suffering and inspiring a generation of youth through a passion for games as a tool that promotes friendship, learning and community. Once I learned this, I thought to myself: Where do I sign up?!

What is one of your most memorable experiences volunteering/working with Games For Love?

One of the best parts of this work is sharing the true impact of having access to distraction therapy with frontline personnel. I would wager any bit of gold from your favorite video game that if you’re reading this then you know what I mean. You’ve had a moment in your life where gaming was more than “playing a game.” You’ve experienced the rush of pushing the Start button to a brand new game or logging on to a game with friends awaiting your arrival. You might even know the feeling right now. It is that instant teleportation to these new realities; providing a brief respite from life’s challenges and permitting us to breathe a little easier. I love every moment that I can be a small part of bringing that feeling to someone who needs it.


Where do you see Games For Love growing in the next year?

Games For Love is truly a unique charitable organization in the gaming/nonprofit community without a natural “ceiling.” In a relatively short time for a charity, GFL has hit the ground running; providing a host of services and programs designed to support, inspire and educate youth across the United States. Having spent time with Nathan Blair, Games For Love’s Founder, I know of his dedication to grow this community to make the greatest impact possible as soon as possible. With any luck, Games for Love will continue to rapidly accelerate towards their vision of reaching 10 million children in children’s hospitals across the world.


What helps you stay disciplined to keep working, whether in fitness, health, or work, despite not feeling like it?

I’m really glad to see that this is one of the questions. Whether its work, fitness, or health, it’s really important that we don’t take our abilities for granted, especially now. If I come across something that “I don’t feel like doing,” I start by thinking about what it is and why I’m doing it. I remind myself about why it’s important to work towards goals and take care of my body. That said, if on the day it’s really hard to get motivated, I think it’s imperative to have people that hold you accountable. In my life, I have my brother and a good group of friends that keep me on track. If it’s work or working out, be sure to surround yourself with people who want to help you reach your goals. 

What do you think was the key moment or decisions that helped you get started on the path you are on today?

My parents always motivated and encouraged me to get involved within my community. I started volunteering with youth groups at an early age. During that time, we raised awareness to social issues as well as put on fun events for youth, such as chess tournaments and small musical festivals. As the son of two parents who immigrated to this country from Uruguay, I attribute their story and inspiration to why I have dedicated my life to nonprofit work. 


What are your current favorite video games?

Right now, I am back and forth between Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Rocket League and Call of Duty. That said, I am also very addicted to playing board games, such as Risk and Chess, so you can likely catch me playing any of these 5 games at some point in the week. In terms of all-time favorite games, I would have to say the Halo Series. 

What are 3 main truths about the world and life that you’ve discovered?

Being the son of two immigrant parents, I have found that happiness isn’t tied to one thing, such as geographic location or wealth but rather it is the people around you that create the joy in life. Surround yourself with good, kind people because the truth is that they are all that truly matters. With happiness, I have found that success is intrinsically tied to passion. I realize it’s cliché but I’ve found the greatest success is hidden within this truth.

And lastly, I would say that in my life, some of the best moments have been involved with giving back to the community around you. If you’re in a position where you can be of service to others and I’m not talking just about money, the reward of being of service is one of the best things in life, in my opinion. If you have the first two truths, happiness and success, then pay it forward and be there for someone else. The truth is, you might be surprised at how much you get out of the experience as the people you serve.

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