A community of professional gamers looking to help kids heal with GFL.

- Bi-Weekly Gatherings-Mondays at 3:00 PM Pacific -

Type: Online Gathering
Gathering: Monthly
Location: Discord
Hosting: Community team
Invited: Game creator, designers, coders, game lovers
Host/Mentors duties:
Members duties:
Hours involved: 4 per week
Tracking hours:
Short description: Program Overview: This mentorship program is designed to provide aspiring game developers, gamers, coders, programers and enthusiasts with the guidance, knowledge, and skills required to excel in any of the fields related with the above mentioned industries. Members will be paired with experienced mentors who will provide one-on-one guidance, industry insights, and hands-on experience.

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How do I sign up for the League of Pros: Esports?

A: If your company has a volunteer grant or dollars for doers program, sign up here: Link

How do I know if my company has a volunteer grant or dollars for doers program?

A: Reach out to your company’s HR or CSR team and express your interest. If your company offers a volunteer grant, you are eligible to participate.

Can I choose which game I want to play?

A: during beta, the league will be an assortment of games played week to week to show off your raw and amazing gaming talents

How are my gaming hours counted towards volunteer grants?

A: We provide tools and resources to help teams track their time and submit their volunteer hours seamlessly. You also share your hours with your employer, often HR can get you the correct link to log your hours to make an impact.

How is the money raised distributed?

A: All proceeds from the league go directly to the Games For Love charity. The funds are used to enrich the lives of children around the world.

Village ProSphere

How to Join

Anyone affiliated with Games For Love may visit Village ProSphere.  To visit, simply complete this visitor form.  You will need to pick the gathering you wish to visit from a list of upcoming gatherings.  Expect to introduce yourself to the group on your first visit!

Once you have visited, you will be invited to join Village ProSphere as a member.

Gathering Format

We use the Village Gathering Model, an open-source community building practice developed by VillageCo. Each gathering will be co-led by multiple members of the community who lead specific components.  The Gathering Model has been engineered by community building experts to help you build a sense of belonging to others.

Here is a more detailed view of our gathering program:

Village ProSphere