Join Reginald “Flappygums” Farrowhaven on an epic quest as a beginning adventurer in a faraway land on his conquest to become the land’s leading hero. Be immersed in a point and click adventure with stunning animated graphics and a charming cast baddies and creatures that will make you ask the question, “should I go to bed right now? it’s 1 am and I have work tomorrow.”

Experience an interactive point and click adventure who desires to be a spirtual successor to arcade classics such as Space Ace, Dragon’s lair, and Hologram Time Traveler!


ASWD controls

Point and click

Select your options to move gameplay forward through discovery

More Info:


Angela sith     ……….Animator
Nathan Blair  ……….Art Director/Producer
Jun-pin sak    ……….Game developer
Johnny Mur   ……….Sound

Rating: E – For Everyone
Published: Nov. 21, 2023
Awards: Best Graphics, People’s Choice, Most Fun, Editor’s choice
Featured in: Action, Adventure
Jam Theme: Euphoria