Games For Love is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to easing suffering, saving lives, and creating sustainable futures for children.

We help kids for life. get well. heal through play. learn to code. get degrees. get jobs. give back.

Our six core programs, which we call our Program Ecosystem™, work in tandem to meet the needs of kids as they grow and provide an ever-present community of support.

By the Numbers: GFL’s Global Impact

Kids everywhere combat illness, isolation, and opportunity ceilings. They need access to healthcare, education, and hope. At Games For Love, we mobilize gaming communities to help kids around the world — for life.

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Stream For GFL

Stream while raising funds and awareness for the mission of easing suffering, saving lives, and creating a sustainable future for children. Anyone can start a GFL fundraiser and HELP KIDS FOR LIFE.®

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Be A Hero.


Becoming a hero is easy! Join our team of 850+ skilled volunteers, who have contributed 165,000+ hours to ongoing projects, charity operations, industry events, and countless hospital visits for programs like #GFLX. Donate your time, skills, and kindness – 100% remotely!

Let’s Change Kids’ Lives.

Partner With Us

Do you represent a company or brand looking to impact kids? Our network of corporations in STEAM, gaming, and health keep us serving kids. Learn how you can be part of the change.

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Give, Game, Win!

Join SubForLove

Become a monthly donor to impact kids year-round, attend exclusive events with game developers and streamers, AND win prizes from brands like Xbox, Microsoft, Amazon, and more.

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Level Up Life


Games For Love supports kids and their families in nine countries through a growing network of 200+ hospitals, educational institutions, and companies worldwide. With your help, we can positively impact the lives of 10 million children in the next five years.

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Six Programs, One

Program Ecosystem®

GFL’s six programs work in tandem to form what we call our Program Ecosystem, which provides a community of support to children as they grow.

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