Frequently Asked Questions

How to Login to the tournament platform
I want to join in on the fun and play for kids, how can I do that?

Wonderful! You may sign up here: and click sign up now!

When I click the esports hub buttons I dont have access to see them in Discord, how can I fix?

This is likely because you havent applied yet on the website, or have not yet been added to the program to receive the relevant roles. If you think that is in error, you may reach out to @bee6 in the Games For Love Discord and she can help get you sorted.

Today is my first day, where do I start?

Spectacular! We are so excited you are here! Let’s get you covered so you know what to do:

Step 1: At the top of this page is the text chat room, say hi!

Step 2: Join Voice & Streaming Chat to be able to chat with players live

Step 3: Play and have fun, but dont forget to take screenshots and submit them in the scoring Discord room. Just copy and paste or attach and our team will take care of the rest!

Step 4: See your scores as they are updated in the system here:

Step 5: When you are done for the day, record your hours with us, and then submit your hours with your employer if you have a volunteer program at your employer.

How do I share scores?

Take screenshots and submit them in the scoring Discord room. Just copy and paste or attach and our team will take care of the rest! Please see the button above that says “submit scores” to take you to the correct room.

How do I record Hours with you?

Above see a button that says “Record Hours” Click it and fill out the form, our team will take care of the rest!

How do I record hours with my employer so they can send you a grant for my time spent?

Great question! Check with your HR team to find out the appropriate steps to record your volunteer time for credit and benefit kids by doing so!

My scores aren't reflecting accurately, how can I get it corrected?

Sorry to hear that! Just note this is not an automated process yet and it is being done by hand to ensure accuracy, so our team may be slightly behind if it is day of and live. If you still believe there to be an error live, or not, send us a message and screenshots: HERE

When can I play to have it count for scoring?

At any time from 3pm to 11pm Pacific time day of the event. So if your call time is Wendesdays, then you can submit your scores from 3pm to 11pm on Wednesday. Please do not cheat. Your actual playtime must be reflected, so dont play before the event start time and record games and screenshots to submit them, that would be considered bad sportsmanship, and may receive a ban from the event. Playing for the kids is important, but so is being fiar and honorable!

What if I dont care about scoring or playing during the times Esports is active, is there still a way to get involved?

Absolutely! You may join our Causeplaying podcast, please fill out this form to get on the waitlist Here

How does playing count for volunteer time, I mean, I am just playing games right?

Playing games within the League of Pros: Esports counts as volunteer time because it is part of an organized effort to raise awareness and funds for charity, specifically the Games For Love charity. The league collaborates with companies to establish clear guidelines on how volunteer hours are counted and recorded. They provide tools and resources to help teams track their time and submit their volunteer hours seamlessly. Additionally, participating companies are encouraged to match their employees’ volunteer hours with financial contributions, such as dollars-for-doers or volunteer grant programs​​. This means that while you are playing games, you are also contributing to a charitable cause, making your gaming hours count as volunteer work.

I want to invite people to watch me play while I am doing this, where can I do that?

The best way for you to do this is to set up an account on Twitch, play there, and stream. By doing so, you can provide anyone you want to watch you live using your twitch stream link. Games For Love team members can also pull in yur feed to our larger broadcast to allow it to be seen by a larger audience!

I want to invite people I know to see the event online, where do I send them?

Games For Love streams League Of Pros: Esports events on our official Twitch channel on starting in March 2024! So drop a follow and sub to be notified as soon as we are live!

What do I do if I have questions and need support that isnt provided here?

You may let us know HERE in the league chat

Help! I need live support! Where do I go!?

You got you covered! You can go HERE