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The League Of Pros: Esports is an esports league hosted by Games For Love in partnership with Drop-In Gaming platform (DIG), to create a pro-esports league of non-pro gamers within AAA organizations.

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What's In It For Me?

We know that giving is fun, but so is receiving

Unite your passion foe gaming with your desire to make a difference

Evidence shows that philanthropic activities can improve mental health and increase overall life satisfaction.

Engage in healthy competition with colleagues and industry peers.

Studies indicate that friendly rivalry not only sharpens your skills but also boosts job satisfaction and engagement

Make your gaming hours count towards your company's volunteer programs.

Research from Deloitte suggests that companies with strong volunteering programs have higher employee morale.

Create lasting impact through your favourite hobby.

It’s proven that hobbies that positively impact others can increase  personal fulfilment and reduce stress levels.

Cultivate team-building and camaraderie within your organisation.

A meta-analyses published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that team-building activities can significantly improve team performance.

Earn recognition and awards for young gaming skills.

According to LinkedIn survey, 41% of hiring managers consider volunteer work equivalent to full-time work experience, thus enhancing your personal brand and career prospects.

What's In It For My Company?

Making a difference is good for business

Engage employees in a unique, fun, and meaningful way.

A PwC study revealed, “Employees most engaged in their organizations put in 57 percent more effort on the job—and are 87 percent less likely to resign—than employees who consider themselves disengaged.”

Foster team-building and boost morale.

Volunteer projects often require employees to work together outside of their usual work environment, fostering teamwork and strengthening relationships. UnitedHealth Group’s study found that 64% of employees who had previously volunteered reported developing better relationships with colleagues.

Increased engagement directly impacts the bottom line.

Providing volunteer opportunities goes far beyond feeling good. Employees who participate in these programs often become more engaged in their daily work, and increased engagement directly impacts the bottom line. A study done by SAP showed roughly $40 million revenue fluctuation when employee engagement rose or fell by by just 1%.

Promote your company's commitment to corporate social responsibility.

It’s well known that employees want to work for companies that care. In fact, Cone Research found that 79% of people prefer to work for a socially responsible company.

Increased Company Retention

Employees who are able to volunteer through their workplace report higher job satisfaction and are more likely to stay with the company. A study conducted by UnitedHealth Group found that 81% of employees who volunteered through work reported feeling better about their employer, which increased their loyalty to the company.

Leverage gaming to generate volunteer hours and charitable contributions.

Studies have shown that employees who engage in volunteer activities often feel more committed to their organization. For instance, the 2017 Deloitte Volunteer Impact Survey reported that 89% of employees believe that companies that sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment than those that do not.

Get involved in an innovative approach to corporate philanthropy.

CECP’s Giving in Numbers 2020 report indicated that companies leveraging such innovative methods not only increased their corporate societal investment by 13% compared to the five years prior, but also witnessed heightened employee satisfaction and loyalty.

League Of Pros: Esport Solos

The League Of Pros: Esports is an esports league hosted by Games For Love in partnership with Drop-In Gaming platform (DIG), to create a pro-esports league of non-pro gamers within AAA organizations.

League Of Pros: Esport Teams

Become a part of monthly event designed to provide individuals with a space for a self-reflection and community gathering. The event also encourages a sense of community and togetherness, as attendees come together to capture moments of joy and connection through a group selfie.

League Of Pros: Esport Support

Dear Gamer, You should be proud of yourself for contributing to your company’s Individual Grant Program and making a difference in the lives of kids!  You support kids around the world to change their lives. You are making a difference not only by playing but also by donating.

How it works?

The Step1: Sign up

Step2: Go through Esports Quick Start Guide

Step3: Play for the kids!

Step4: Log Hours

Step8: You refer your friends and collogues

Step7: GFL shares with you the incredible impact you are making

Step6: GFL uses founds to make positive impact

Step5: Employer cuts the check


We know that giving is fun but so is receiving

Q: How do I sign up for the League of Pros: Esports?

A: If your company has a volunteer grant or dollars for doers program, sign up here: Link

Q: How do I know if my company has a volunteer grant or dollars for doers program?

A: Reach out to your company’s HR or CSR team and express your interest. If your company offers a volunteer grant, you are eligible to participate.

Q: Can I choose which game I want to play?

A: during beta, the league will be an assortment of games played week to week to show off your raw and amazing gaming talents

Q: How are my gaming hours counted towards volunteer grants?

A: We provide tools and resources to help teams track their time and submit their volunteer hours seamlessly. You also share your hours with your employer, often HR can get you the correct link to log your hours to make an impact.

Q: How is the money raised distributed?

A: All proceeds from the league go directly to the Games For Love charity. The funds are used to enrich the lives of children around the world.

Q: Can I participate in both the Esport Solos and Esport Teams?

A: Yes, professionals can participate in both leagues, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Q: I don't have a team yet, can I play on Solos?

A: Yes, professionals can participate in solos, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Q: I have a group from my company that want to participate, we want to partner, can we?

A: Absolutely! We can work with your partnerships team or CSR team to establish a path for you and your colleagues to participate

Q: Do I have to be good at the games?

A: If you want to win, yes! Just know – even when you don’t win, kids in hospitals do – so your effort playing and having fun helped kids play and have fun too!

Q: Can we donate games made by us to be played in the League?

A: Yes, if it is considered a AAA title, or offers competitive and entertaining matches. Games are best for accessibility when free-to-play, but we can offer codes to players to play for free if you provide them.

Q: Do I have to stream while playing?

A: It’s not a hard requirement, but it does spread awareness and sometimes fundraising from the love of the gaming community when you do! We recommend it.

Q: I am a pro esports player that also works at a company that provides volunteer grants, can I participate?

A: As long as you are employed 20 hours per week+, are eligible to participate, you can participate.

Q: My company does not have a volunteer grant, but would like to sponsor, can I join then?

A: Let’s chat. Email us at: Link (Guillaume for partnerships)

Q: My company does not have a volunteer grant, but I would like to donate the an amount directly so I can participate, is that possible?

A: Let’s chat. Email us at: Link (Mauren for major donors)