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1UP LifeBridge Helps Orphanage

By September 9, 2021October 15th, 2021No Comments
1UP LifeBridge helps orphanages fight COVID-19 through medicine, nutrition, and supplies..

In September Covid-19 swept through several areas in the Philippines including Manila in super spread events. One such event was at a local orphanage that helps hundreds of children that are currently in care. Suddenly the children became sluggish and quiet which is quite the turnaround from just a week later in which children are energetic, playful, and often talkative.  One Hundred and Eleven children were tested and after positive tests were diagnosed with Covid-19.

Being diagnosed in the Philippines with Covid-19 is a much different event than that in the USA or other countries around the world. In the Philippines, government workers verify the addresses from your positive covid test and place caution tape around your property to signify your locale has been infected, and everyone in the location must be quarantined for a minimum of 2 weeks with no one leaving the premises or be faced with fines, or worse. 2.6 million cases have been confirmed to date with nearly 40,000 deaths recorded. 

Most of the deaths recorded are from those with underlined conditions, which many children in orphanages have. Many children are orphaned because of the conditions in which they suffer, and the inability of their families to cover the cost of, and provide for the special needs of these children. These children are far more vulnerable because of this to heightened risk due to being infected by Covid.

After the one-hundred and eleven children had been infected, and diagnosed with Covid, the 1up Lifebridge team and partners quickly assessed the situation and determined that we would cover the costs of all the children for testing, medications, and help needed to make sure that these vulnerable children were being taken care of and their needs met during this scary time. Games For Love was able to bring medication for all One-Hundred and Eleven children at the facilities. Because of this, no loss of life occurred! All of the children were able to recover and are getting healthier by the day.

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