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1UP LifeBridge Helps Hershey Fight Leukemia

By July 15, 2021October 15th, 2021No Comments
Hershey gets help to fight Leukemia through Games For Love’s 1UP LifeBRIDGE program.

that being diagnosed in The Philippines is scary for a child and their families, and more deadly than if diagnosed and treated in the US.  Hershey faced the challenge bravely, and her family was worried because they didn’t have the money for treatments, and nutrition needed for Hershey’s body to be able to fight.

This is where Games For Love stepped in through the 1upLifeBRIDGE program. Through the 1UPLifeBRIDGE program, Hershey is able to have assistance through the Chemo process with adequate nutrition for her body to stay strong. Without the necessary nutrition to give Hershey the strength she needs to beat Leukemia. 

Around April Hershey’s family waited to get the tests back from the hospital when they were met with the terrifying reality that Hershey, their beloved daughter, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Leukemia is a cancer of blood-forming tissues, hindering the body’s ability to fight infection,  including bone marrow. Treatment is highly variable. For aggressive leukemias, treatment includes chemotherapy that’s sometimes followed by radiation and stem-cell transplant.

In The Philippines where more than 109 Million people live, only about 4,700 children are diagnosed with forms of cancer each year. As rare as it is out of the 4,700 diagnosed each year, 1700 children die each year from it. That is 36% of those diagnosed, compared to the USA which has a survival rate of 84%. So it is safe to say

Most recent updates:

Hershey is on a short term plan to receive boxes of Pediasure each month. She is doing well with her weekly Chemo, where they still travel twice a week to get her Chemo done: 1st travel to the hospital for Swab Test and 2nd travel will be for her Chemo session. Lately, she’s been in and out of the hospital because her chemo session requires hospital admission for 2-3 days. Her father lost his job as a kitchen helper/cook and just focused on their small fried sweet potato business, while her mother borrowed some capital to rent a piece of land and start a small-scale rice farming business. 


Due to the financial crisis, Hershey and her mother have no choice but to commute via bus because they don’t have the money to rent a tricycle (P1,500 per travel of 3-5hrs). The bus ride is packed with travelers and most buses do not have AC, and are made of metal which radiates heat and makes the ride exhausting. Hershey and her mother bravely face the long distance travels in hope that she can fully recover.


The nutritional resources Hershey is receiving is a massive help for Hershey’s health and the family’s budget. At the moment, they don’t have the means to buy milk, or food that focuses on Hershey’s health and if they ever have the budget, it would be a significant slash from their monthly budget. 


Hershey’s parents are cooperative, courteous, and ever grateful to be part of the program. Her mother with the heart to help other children has also been busy while at the hospital to refer other kids and their families who have the same case as Hershey to our program. Out of gratitude, they want to share the good news with other parents who struggle to provide for their children’s medical needs. 


Hershey in her own gratitude filmed this video for us:

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